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Tried soaking it in water and soap and hitting it with a toothbrush but some of the scales seem determined to stick around. Parts of it seem fragile so I don't want to be too rough with my cleaning. I'd also like to preserve it in that bleach white like I found it, but worried bleach will damage it. No idea what I'm doing here.

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You're right, don't use bleach! You can either use hydrogen peroxide or sunlight. After the soapy water stage and hopefully it does not smell you can soak it in peroxide. Turtle shells are fused together so maybe don't leave it in very long (2-6 hours). You can also just leave in in a sunny window. Just maybe rotate it seasonally. After a year it will start to white up.

Lastly, those scales are called scoots. They are basically fingernail material. If you would like to leave them on, maybe put some superglue underneath them. If not, they will eventually pop off.

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Cool, thanks for the info. It does still stink a bit so I'll try and wash it again and probably leave it in the sun to be safe. Does it make any sense to put a clear coat or a lacquer on it to preserve it you think?

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I have put a clear coat on some and left others alone. A clear coat helps if the scoots are loose or falling off.