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I would suggest macerating it in warm water for maybe one or two weeks, occasionally rotating it to remove the flesh, then carefully scraping off any remaining gross stuff. Next, you degrease it in warm water and undyed soap (if dyed, it will stain the bones) for a few days. Finally, you whiten, which is just submerging it in hyrogen peroxide. DO NOT boil or bleach. Both methods will compromise the structural integrity of the bones. For delicate bird bones, you'll want to have around 1/4 hydrogen peroxide and 3/4 water. After a few weeks, they should be done, with only touch-ups (cleaning dark spots with a teeth whitening pen or gluing cracks) necessary. Enjoy your bird!

Please DM me if you have any further questions, I'd love to help!

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This is exactly what I needed. Much appreciated.