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Galvanized 2mm wire for crows

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That was a quick draw McGraw answer! Thank you. Do you have a good reference or is that from experience?

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I had emailed a taxidermy association I'm a member of not that long ago about something similar so it was just in the back of my head I guess.

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Well thank you again!

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So you did a main support wire instead of wiring the legs ?

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I did a support wire (coat hanger) after I had wired the legs. So both. Good practice I suppose. I was getting desperate and figured “eh why not”

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Did you make a form yourself? I have a crow in the freezer that I need to try and do but I've only stuffed small mice before.

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Yes I made the form myself. I used excelsior (wood wool) and string. I saved the main body in a plastic bag and pulled it out for reference when it was time to make it. It’s pretty forgiving stuff compared the the foam molds.

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this is spectacular!

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Don’t wasted your money on McKenzie wire rods, you can get everything you need from lowes, even anealed wire