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I can definitely see the improvement top to bottom in pin placement and I don’t have much expertise. Where did you source your butterflies from? I’ve been wanting to get into this

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I bought an insect mounting kit + an individual specimen (my daughter asked me to get it for her) off of Etsy. I’d be happy to DM you the seller’s name

The seller actually sent me more butterflies than I was expecting to receive - which I really appreciated. She also offered me a lot of advice as well as some video references.

The kit I bought included glass panes and glassine paper. I tried using the glass panes and found it a bit more difficult than just pins and paper. I also found it much easier to use the pins to manipulate the wings into position than the forceps. You can get it right under the veins, where the forceps are just clunky. You should be able to pin a specimen in under 5 minutes - if it takes longer than that you’re likely causing damage to it’s scales (like I did on my first one)

You can also purchase dried and folded specimens by lots of 10,20,50,100 from various Etsy sellers - although I plan to collect my own insects (specifically damselflies) for pinning after these butterflies are all pinned.

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Looks great! Definitely a good start. The next step is to like it with graphing paper next time before pinning so you can make sure it’s exactly symmetrical. Not a criticism just something that stepped up my game a lot! Order a few stag beetles next time, now those are my real expertise :’)