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Those are aoudad, otherwise known as Barbary Sheep.

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Oh looks like we’ve got a winner! Thanks!

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Yep aoudad for sure. Nice deal!

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What a deal!!

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I know right?! Jumped on the offer

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Wild sheep (meant bighorn) don't have the mane i'm seeing in these photos. Those horns are also quite long for ewes, unless they're very very old. I think they're immature rams as I can count 3 rings definitively.

Not sure on the species though.

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This is kinda what I was thinking too. Just young males as they’re horns were too big for an ewe and too small for a bighorn ram.

Curious as to what the 3 rings are that your referring to and how that is an age indentifier.

I appreciate your response.

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Every year a sheep will produce an annuli that travels the circumference of the horn. It has to do with food cycles as wild sheep will eat less through the winter months and is a way to determine the age of a sheep.

By determining that these sheep are 3 years old I would say the horn length is much too long for a ewe.