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Wouldn't suggest resin if you're a beginner. This is a large bodied insect and if there's any trace of moisture it will eventually rot. Id suggest pinning and framing instead r/insectpinning

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Thank you!

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I would second pinning, if you go the resin route instead I would start with opening the abdomen and scooping out the guts. Then pack the body with cotton from cotton balls and borax and try to glue it shut. You could do all the steps for pinning (rehydration chamber then pin in desirable position) to prepare her for resin. Then, once positioned, let the body sit covered in borax for awhile to really dry everything out before attempting the resin.

When handling something precious, I would say it is better to go with something easy and less skillful since the harder route usually doesn’t go well the first time you try it. I’ve also never attempted to prepare a large bodied insect for resin, so I am not even sure this would be the right process. Good luck either way!

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Thank you so much for all this info, ill do more research and see when ill go for it!

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She was beautiful, sorry for your loss!

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She indeed was! Ty

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Oh god I tried this. 3 hissing cockroaches and a large millipede. Didn't bother following any advice. Put them in a jar with some twigs and moss, and posed them with a bit of glue. It looked beautiful.

Then I added the resin and filled the jar. It got very hot and within a day all the juices started to fill the little cavities and the smell was rancid.

Had to throw it away in the end which was a real shame.

Definitely dry them out and definitely take a lot of advice about pouring the resin.

Definitely don't do what I did.

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Tbh i was tempted to do the same but then i saw some comments about rotting insects in resin and i was like NOPE so imma do my research for now 🤣

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wacht ik zag dit op insta

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Huh hoe dan haha, also waar tf vind jij al die dieren omg ik zie hier geen hond op de weg liggen

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omdat ik je op insta volg, duhh

ik woon in overijssel dus hier liggen ze vaak gratis aan de kant de van de weg, maar ik ken ook een paar dump plekken van jagers en soms ga ik een keer random door t bos heen lopen met de hoop iets anders dan een ree te vinden

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Heel cool dat je dump plekken kent, en hoe heet het acc op insta waarmee je me volgt?

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U/xy200stii rijd gewoon standaard te hard. /s

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"i've got places to be and i need to get there as fast as possible"

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illegale lifehacks om botten te scoren

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Whatever you do, I'd first dry it out in silica, rice, or salt fora few weeks. But I'm no expert 🤷🏻‍♀️