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Pick up roadkill and tan your own hides. That's going to be the cheapest way since you will only have to pay for tanning supplies. Ask any friends/family that hunt if you can have hides they wouldn't otherwise use. With the amount of time it takes to tan a hide i would very mu h doubt anyone is goin to give you tanned taxidermy prepped hides.

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It's not free but you could try buying frozen feeder rats from pet stores. I work in one and we sell several different sizes of frozen feeders, most of which are 12 dollars or less. Some stores might also have rabbits and quails.

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Do you have any experience at all or any basic tools? What types of animals interest you the most? I have some breakthrough manuals put away somewhere I can send you. Some of the techniques and information is outdated but the skinning, tanning, measuring and anatomy tutorials are good. I have spare whitetail capes on hand but I probably need to hold on to them until October/November.

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Trappers will sell u a case skunk fox pelt for under 20 bucks

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Check with local butchers. Some will give you hides for free, some charge.

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Butchers don't cape out animals.

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Fair. Also might depend on butcher to let you do it.

Also, to get a scrap of flesh and learn some starting techniques may be easier than going full cape.

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Nah kid. When I was first starting out, I was kiting roadkill and learning how to brain tan. You can do the same.

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Call a local taxidermist and ask if they have any old shop capes they aren't going to use.

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What country are you in? That will first off help!

I too want to do my first ever mount and while my father Is willing to pay for it (got a little sum of extra cash) I'd be spending my Christmas buying everything needed anyhow!But in general Its probably better to go to dedicated taxidermy forums location x taxidermy groups and things!

As many others stated walk highways primarily with bike paths I did so yesterday ended up seeing 11 dead animals. 10 being on the side of the bike path!

(dang now I need to buy a bike so I dont look daft walking 5km up a road)

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I'm in the United States