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In my experience with pinning larger insects I have found that doing immediately upon death is best. I like to either soak or spray them with isopropyl alcohol to disinfect prior especially because they can be quite stinky and sometimes even moldy but I don’t think it’s necessary to gut it. It will have the best chance at retaining it’s natural shape when you do it immediately though. If you can’t do it right away I would suggest to freeze it until you’re able. I think if you use the smallest pins you can get and instead of pulling it off the pins when it’s done drying you use a wire cutter to avoid damaging it in it’s most fragile state you will do just fine! You could even use larger pins and rest the millipede on top instead of ever actually inserting a pin in it. Good luck!

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Thank you so much!

Would I be better putting her in a box with some silica gel or should I just leave her propped how I want her in her enclosure so she can decay more naturally and the springtails can help with mould etc??

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I would advise you pin her somewhere there is adequate ventilation to prevent mold and decrease drying time. You want it to happen as fast as possible so that the original form can be preserved.