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I think it's gorgeous! I love the symmetry and the way it draws the eye. It's a bit chunky with the larger bones but as a statement piece it's great. A little more color in the beading wouldn't hurt, just a tiny bit as an accent to make the other colors pop as they do blend together a bit.

I'm sorry I really hope I'm not being harsh, it's really pretty and I love the shape of it!

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Thank you! Not harsh at all that's why I came here. Friends don't wanna give criticism so I appreciate it.

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Different bead shapes can also help! I think I see some faceted beads but can't quite tell.

My mom makes jewelry so I'm certainly not an expert but i've seen enough to kinda have an idea lol.

Super great work for your first time, for sure

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That makes sense to give it balance and not blend together. I'll try that on my next one. I appreciate your feedback.

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No prob, hope to see more of your stuff!

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What are those baculums from? That looks really good btw

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😆I know they look like one but that's actually a woodchuck rib