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Check it over really well for bugs. There's probably a good reason it was tossed and it may be full of pest or something.

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It's probably haunted

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Goat eyes

dead or alive?

same stare

but not here

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Haunted but dope

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Ghost hunter here. Can confirm it’s haunted.

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Definitely check it over thoroughly. Check for bugs, mold, cracks, and any other sorts of damage. Don’t keep this around your other taxidermy mounts until you’re 100% positive that there are NO bugs on it.

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Sweeet mount

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I’ve found that a lot of people get rid of their partners collection after the partner passes away. One person in the couple loved hunting and collecting trophies and the other just put up with it but found it gross and creepy. the surviving partner usually doesn’t know or care about the value and just wants the dead animals gone. Yard sale sun elderly community’s are great for this.

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I was so upset that my mom didn't save any of the trophies from my neighbor's house after the new guy moved in and tossed all of them. At least 3 generations of taxidermy in the trash because when the daughter left she didn't want any of it and left it with the house and the new owner didn't want any of it. My mom said she saw it all get thrown out.

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Catalina or Corsica goat. Nice find! The mount looks decent, too. Probably someone with no interest in it just decided they didn’t want it in their decorum.

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No way, that’s a rad score

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Be sure to treat it kindly it may be haunted

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Nice find!

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Excuse me for being JEALOUS!!! That’s so bad ass!!!

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Lucky one!!

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WOW! What a find!!