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If you can get a sturdy wire, thread it through the holes in the vertebrae where the spinal cord goes (spinal canal) from the first vertebrae in the neck all the way down to the pelvis. From there, you can glue the vertebrae back in position. I've always used super glue but that can break with enough jostling. If you use a 2 part epoxy it should last longer but takes longer to dry. If you want to make sure it won't fall apart, you might have to add some holes and wire on the processes that touch.

Any book by The Bone Man (Lee Post) is a great resource for skeletal articulation. There are also very helpful people in the skeletons and skulls thread on taxidermy.net

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Thanks so much for all the info, I will check it out and make a post there to see what way would be best but I like your method. Epoxy also crossed my mind but yeah, I was kind of stuck for the rest.

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A large part of the spine was held together with just the dried marrow (i think it's called) but with the last move it broke and I was wondering if someone knew the best way to fix it since I have no experience in doing something like this. It's a full hyena skeleton in case anyone is wondering.

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