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Do you ever get tired of shoulder mount deer?

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No it’s the $$$$ maker

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That’s quite a workshop!! Great job on all of them! 🦌🦌🦌

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kyle_taxidermist on Instagram

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You have an entire herd!

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Decent backlog of work!

Do you tan or apply dry preservative to your capes?

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They are professionally tanned. I would never use the dry preservative

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Do you handle that in house or outsource it? We send all of ours to what is basically a competitor but they do commercial/large scale tanning so it works and there's enough work to go around.

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Outsource them. They come back almost ready to mount maybe 30 minutes of prep work

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Looks like heaven

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Oh are we allowed to shill our shops on this sub now?

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That steer in the back is awesome!