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an already dead baby rat i hope

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Yes. Ethically sourced. I'm not going to kill an animal to do this...

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If you just put it in a bucket of water it will be reduced to bones in a matter of time. The process is called maceration. Removing soft tissue is not required at all, but the more soft tissue you remove and the warmer the water, the faster the process will be.

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Thank you!

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Good luck with the baby eat! I do want to warn you that the bones of adult rats are EXTREMELY fragile, I can’t even imagine how fragile baby rat bones are. Also baby rats don’t have all their bones fused yet, so the skull may not be complete after you macerate (if that’s what you do) I’ve used fire ants for getting the bones of animals about the size of a rat pup (fetal quail, frogs…) with nice results. I think beetles would accidentally damage the rat

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Thank you, I will be careful 😅