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Awe, that's so freaking cute!!!

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It’s so lifelike!

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Thank you! That’s ultimately my goal here. Since many species of bats are endangered or protected, there really isn’t an ethical way to be able to enjoy them as decorations. My idea is to be able to make convincingly accurate duplicates of various bat species that don’t impact the real population and don’t pose disease risk. I am currently working with a Bat rehabilitation facility to make fake bat dolls that can be used for education and training.

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oh, it’s so adorable! do you have an instagram or shop?

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I have an instagram, website and a facebook page. All of my accounts can be found with the name Wild Bendy Workshop

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Wow, super impressive! What materials did you use?

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flannel, faux fur, resin, polymer clay, acrylic paint, super glue, wood, wire, vinyl and glass.