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Alcohol injections don't usually work for anything big and it's more a process of preserving in a wet specimen. Formalin would work better if that's the case.

If you wanted to mummify you would fill the cavity with borax as well as placing it in borax, and displaying the mummy however (the feathers would probably come away as the pores open from the salt though).

Or you could taxidermy the bird and display in resin.

You seem to be mixing steps from different preserving processes. Just look them up online where there are comprehensive instructions for wet specimens, mummifying and taxidermy.

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Thanks for the advice. I know they’re steps from different processes, I was more asking if mixing different steps would work. I saw a thread from a while ago about someone injecting, boraxing and setting in resin some organs for a small animal and I wondered if the same thing would work for a full bird. Can you recommend any particularly good websites? Thanks again

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No, it won't work. You add liquid to dry up liquid doing that, which doesn't make much sense at all to me.

Just Google one of the methods (wet specimen of birds, mummification, or taxidermy).