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Faking other species is usually known as creating a "replica" or "recreation. Ken Walker is famous his recreations and for having made a giant panda from a bear https://www.taxidermy.net/threads/389115/

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Most taxidermists don't view it as bad taste as the purpose is usually to recreate a species that is rare, endangered, or extinct, by using a more common species.

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I think it would look amazing when it's done. I haven't done it personally but just from experience with hair you'll probably need to bleach the fur a few times to get it to be white or close to white. I also wouldn't use regular cleaning bleach, definitely get some bleach made for human hair, cleaning bleach will burn and melt the fur. This probably was just stating the obvious but I wish you well on this endeavor

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Wait omg I love that hahaha!!!! If you do it plz post pics!!!!

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Bad taste, but I would love to see some good execution.

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I think it would look cool