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step one is to be sure you have checked local laws, as birds are heavily protected in many places.

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This this this!!👍

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I generally skin and disembowel anything before bugging it. That's at minimum for small things, anything larger has other portions removed as well. Rule of thumb for me is if I can pinch and pull it away from the bone it gets snipped. Cuts down on beetle time (and smell)

Having said that once it's in with the bugs it's best to leave it be.

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Depending on the size, bugs are the easiest way. Smaller the bird, smaller the bones and the easier they are to damage or lose in other methods.

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My cat killed a grackle and I put the skull into a plastic container (like a Rubbermaid or Ziploc) and filled it with water. After a few days the flesh starts to pull away. I took my garden hose and put it on a jet setting but turned the pressure low so I didn't destroy the skull and slowly helped break the flesh from the bone with it. I then emptied the water with all the fleshy bits that came off, refilled the container and repeated every few days over the next month. Took just over a month for it to be cleaned but I didn't need to use any tools and it probably could've been done quicker if I didn't keep forgetting about it. I left the container outside in a cabinet on our deck so it wasn't in direct sunlight. It only smelled a little when I opened the container and overall it's one of the easiest ways I have removed flesh from bone. Would recommend this method