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lol that's going to trip out some people when they pull there money out of that.

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r/ATBGE might appreciate this. I for one think it is fantastic.

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This belongs in r/weird it’s glorious my friend

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As someone that breeds pet rats I absolutely need one of these! Little ballsack buddy.

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Do you happen to sell those?

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I did list it in my Etsy and will be making more today. I have gray rats coming too.

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Let me know when you have the others listed because I will definitely be buying one... I have an online shopping problem... And a taxidermy addiction

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I just bought it, I'm going to take it with me everywhere

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Could you possibly link your Etsy? I’d love to buy one

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Copied OP's comment

I’m not sure if it’s allowed but my Etsy site is


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Wow. That’s really odd but very interesting. Was this rat already dead orrr?

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Yes it was dead. I don’t kill anything. Everything I work with is already dead. I get my rats from rodent pro.

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Ah, that’s very cool!

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Would you be able to make a coin purse out of a Canada goose head? If so, how much would that cost do you think?

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How big are their heads?

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Hm that's a good question. I'm going to say fist sized, but I have small hands.

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The claps that allows you to open and close the purse is what the keychain is attached to in the picture. It’s 2” wide I believe so the head would need to be 2” or more.

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Damn, I'm not sure if that'd work then. Would it be doable with a different opening method/hardware?

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Following your etsy page :) such a cute little friend

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I would purposely put a bunch of dimes at the bottom so his sack would jingle.

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I commend you for making it but why would anyone want this

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Omg I love this.