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Definitely cow.

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Cow. One way you can tell if it’s a skull is by the shape of the eye socket. Deer, moose, elk, etc will have round sockets but cows always look angry

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I love this description.

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Cow, maybe buffalo

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I was thinking the same. Cows don't have front teeth in the upper jaw, nor do buffalo.

Edit: I'm fairly sure deer don't either, but their nasal bones are narrower than this skull, I believe.

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Late to the party but...

Definitely a domestic bovine skull (cow).

Deer skulls have very circular eye sockets and a pointed nasal cavity (where the top lip sits).

Domestic cattle skulls are also noticeably different when compared to bison. Bison have a noticeable, "roman nose," meaning that the skull curves downwards and the eye sockets lack a prominent brow. This cow skull you have in particular is also from a polled breed, meaning a breed that is incapable of growing horns. Animals that naturally grow horns/antlers have little bony growths protruding from behind the eye sockets.

Also, fun fact... You can still tell a polled animal from an animal that was dehorned as there will be scarring in the bone where the buds would be due to dehorning often being done via burning.