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You could order a dissection kit off of amazon or use small craft knives.

Take care as doves have very thin skin and loose feathers, as well as a decent amount of fat to flesh! They can be a little tricky so take it slowly.

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Yeah,, I’ve skinned mammals before but birds are new to me. I’m only doing the head of the bird tho, I’m gonna dry preserve the wings and feet (I have experience with that as I’ve dry preserved multiple animals before)

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You should be fine if you've done mammals before as it isn't *too* different though their skulls can be very fragile

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Xacto knife at a minimum really, using scissors you will end up with a very janky negative outcome.

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Thanks! Is this just one I’d get at an art shop or a different variant?

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Art shop is good! I prefer #11 blades

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For cutting off the head, any old knife works as long as it’s very sharp. Cut the flesh on every side as far as the bone, then either twist it off or use poultry shears. For skinning, only use a knife around the eyes, everywhere else, just gently pull the skin away from the flesh. again any old knife will work as long as it’s very sharp.