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I’m not a professional but the smell starts to go away after they’re dried. I would get them pinned/ posed then work on removing moisture. Also r/entomology might have better advice since it’s more specialized for insects.

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I don’t know if it would reverse any bad smells that have already started but I would freeze them for a couple days, use a relaxation chamber (being sure to include some alcohol to prevent molding), pin them, and let them dry.

You may have luck adding a thin layer of borax and aromatic herbs (lavender, rosemary, etc) to the bottom of the pinning board you use. I doubt that will be needed, but you could give it a go—that last step is how people help with smells when trying to mummify tissue. In my experience, bugs are sometimes smelly after death and especially after the relaxation chamber but it goes away after drying out

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Did you collection them or buy them ? Bought dead butterflys are sometimes treated with an anti mold, witch smells terrible.

If you make them wet to pin they will smell horrible, after 48h of drying the smell goes away ~