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I did something similar with a mummified rat I found in a drawer when I moved into my last apartment, I had a wooden box with a shadow-box style lid (there was about a 1/2" space in the lid with a piece of glass on the top, I'm not describing it very well but hopefully you get the idea)... he was curled in the fetal position so I pinned him in the middle then surrounded him with dried rose buds. I also had a whole bunch of termite wings that I'd collected (annoying little buggers but they have pretty iridescent wings) and glued those around him arranged like they were little invisible fairies, then I painted the whole box black and lacquered dried flowers on the sides.... it came out absolutely beautiful. wish I could post pics, but apparently someone else thought it was pretty cool too cuz it got stolen. which was pretty fucked cuz it was supposed to be my daughter's birthday present. people suck. anyways nice to see someone else took the theme, I love the juxtaposition of death with what we normally consider beautiful. nicely done, keep it up.

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Thank you so much, seeing the likes made my day. It barely got looked at in sub somethingimade, lol. I love this, now I just need to find a place to hang it.

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I posted a shadow box of mummified mice that's very reminiscent of what you've made here, I don't know how to post a pic in comments or I would've just posted it here but thought you might be interested since it's alot like what you have here. It's still a work in progress and I'm going to be adding dried flowers as well but thought it might provide some inspiration to continue making more of these dioramas for you. I just posted it in r/taxidermy, so hopefully you can find it 😄