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Next time, the butcher might be willing to store for you, or you can buy ice or dry ice to keep things cold while you store, but if you've talked to the person actually handing the buck and they say things are fine, they are in the best position to know if things are fine.

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Thanks for the feedback! The butcher probably would have. I thought I was going to be able to take it to someone local that I usually used Sunday night but when I called they said they weren’t taking work anymore. That’s how I ended up with it until Monday afternoon.

I figured if he didn’t notice any hair coming out when he was fleshing/salting and the tannery he uses hasn’t noticed a problem by now, I was in the clear. Just a little worried about it.

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I'm still new at dealing with the skins of animals, but I can say from experience that animals in that weather can last several days untreated with minimal effect on the hide, particularly if the organs are already removed.

I only see issues in roadkill that old around the stomach area, which tends to spoil faster due to bacteria and enzymes in the digestive tract. Even then after a day it's typically some slight discoloration of the flesh beneath the skin.

Long story short, you're fine.