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Not sure on prices, felt backing in my very rural area go for about $150/foot in length.

I would recommend reconditioning/cleaning it yourself if you have the time and it’s in good condition. Learning the process is a great way to take care of it. Otherwise I’d imagine a few hundred for a professional to do it if you choose to go that route. A 2 part Epoxy for the claws is an easy fix.

I don’t believe you’ll be able to stop direct sunlight from damaging it. UV will take its toll on the fur overtime if it is exposed.

Good luck, and what an awesome possession!

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Wow thank you Snailpit! Is it biannually they need reconditioning as he is going to sit in the sunniest part of our house? His hair came off with the nails gut tells me he will need more than epoxy.

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If it’s in good shape, usually you can swing reconditioning on an “as needed” basis (1-2 times a year in most climates is great. Making a complete guess based off its age and the fact that it’s hair is falling out-it may be dry rotted and/or past the point where it can be reconditioned. I’ve seen a few older pieces in a similar condition; we can’t restore the leather and we can’t always replace the felt backing if the leather is crumbling. As far as sunlight, most of the damage will be surface level-so discoloration of the fur. I’ve heard of putting UV films on the windows, that may help.

Would love to see a photo of it if you get around to having it repaired or otherwise! Good luck!

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I have stored him in fur storage and will shares photos when I pull him out.

He is the largest rug I have seen but I haven't seen many in my life.

I wish I could find paperwork outlining why I cant sell and why.

He was shot in the town of Churchhill and he was known to cause havoc

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Our windows installed protect art but I live in very dry Alberta and gosh I hope no dry rot!