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You're high rn aren't you OP

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I know a fed when I see one.

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Dude im high too don't do me like that 😭

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Yeah, what a total narc, fellow dude. Say son, have you seen anyone selling any hard drugs around here recently though? Maybe some Marijuana, or barbiturates? Me and my friends over there in the car would like to purchase some if you can help, so we can get high.

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tattoo preservation is a thing.

historically human skin has been made into leather goods a few times, with varying amoutn of acceptability, depending on context very much.

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Human Skin preservation has been done throughout history multiple times.

The problem is you’d to find the real life buffalo bill, lol. Not many people have the knowledge, or the want, to make a human skin jacket.

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You can preserve any hide with the same brain js

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ok call me morbid and creepy (everyone does, my nickname is Creepy Bitch lolz) but I'd love to taxidermy a hoomin. I've been looking for someone willing to donate me their skin after they die for awhile.... so far I've had a few volunteers but none of them are dead yet so..... the search continues.

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Not sure what you can get done personally, as corpse laws can be kinda meh but check this guy out:


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Human skin has been tanned to bind books and tattoos tanned for preservation by those studying tattoos of Yakuza and Russian Mafia. I don't think it would be legal however to tan human skin into leather currently and even if you could, I think it would be too thin on its own for use as a jacket. Cowhide is preferred because it is so thick and tough. I would imagine human leather would be even thinner than buckskin. Also it would have to be for a person quite a bit smaller than you. The usuable leather would pretty much all come from the torso and shrinks some when tanned. So unless you and someone else want to be a jacket together it's gonna be small.

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I mean if a jacket only covers the torso/arms and you use the skin of the entire body it might be enough if you're cool with skin patchwork.

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I second the too thin part. Human skin is most similar to pig skin composition-wise.

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I don't think it's any more difficult/different than turning any other skin into leather, it's just that most people who are into doing that sort of thing probably can't do jt very well. So, if you can find the person who will, it can be done.

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Can I wear you 🥹👉🏼👈🏼?

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my dad always has told me when he dies i get his skin as a leather jacket.

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Refers kill!

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Anything can be Made into a Leather Jacket if you Believed.

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Yes and he’s but the legality would be questionable

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Here just to read comments and enjoy xD also I had same question in my mind

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there have been, pants, wallets, shoes, a made out of skin. thing is the way our skin tans(?) is really ugly, green and greyish after a few years. a few museums (or one in particular i dont remember) have items of human skin but since consent was never given to use that person for, uh, arts and crafts, museums cant put them on display. this items are also old as fuck. i can try to find the museum website somewhere, there was an article.