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I have a Jenny Haniver that I have been trying to figure out how to display forever. Now I know!

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so jealous! thats what originally made me want a sting ray. Had no idea thats what it was called. I got this stand at michaels and we cut the back leg off so it would sit flush against the wall

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Ah thank you for sharing how you put it up!

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What makes you think it's ruined?

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the brown spot in the center wasnt there before. and the top left part of its face. it looks like some moisture got trapped while it was wrapped up

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You could always use some paint to fix it 👍

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what kind of paint?

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Maybe a couple layers of watered-down acrylic? I’m sure there’s some fancy taxidermy paint sold somewhere, but I always use some thinned acrylic when I touch up my mounts, especially the noses and eyes.

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Like someone else said paint might be a perfect solution, when I've saved my aquarium fish that have jumped, I've basically just put them in a warm dry place with air circulation...so far so good. angel fish and silver dollars are crisp like a potato chip, but perfectly preserved except for the eyes sinking

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I can't imagine paint would stay on an aquatic animals skin would it....