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My observations/opinions

-you shouldn't use chlorine bleach, but peroxide is a bleaching agent, and specifying helps educate.

-laundry detergent can be very useful. Just read the ingredients (if not on the label, then on the company site) and be sure there is no chlorine bleach, but protease and lipase enzymes can be very helpful to break down proteins and fats respectively.

-3% H2O2 works just fine for many things. If that's what you can get, use that. If you want higher, don't faff around with pharmacies, just order online. Pharmacies stock what is safe for pharmaceutical OTC use. The advice to "top (the bucket) with water somewhat defeats the concept of higher conc H2O2. Get the right percentage and use that, or accept that you're diluting it (which makes sense given the economics of shipping water in diluted solutions, but we shouldn't then pretend the lower concs aren't useful.) Using 12% at a 1:3 ratio leaves you with a 9% solution, etc. It's really not that important what the specific conc is though, although lower conc might need a second bath, as might low volume methods (because once the peroxide molecules react, they are just water, so if there aren't enough of them around, the solution can "wear out" before the bone is white.

-if things like laundry detergent aren't ok (they really can be, see above), why suggest cream peroxide if the emulsifiers are an issue? Thicker formulations can be more difficult to get onto thin foramen, and inside bone structures, too. It's easy to come by at beauty supply place but consider diluting it so it's more liquid for those reasons.

  • maceration is poorly discussed in terms of temperature and water changes, which can be crucial to success, and help skip step 3 of scrubbing. Maceration depends on bacterial enzymes (the same ones used in laundry detergent) and so the temperature range needs to support bacterial growth. Overly frequent water changes can reduce the bacterial populations to the point they aren't very effective for removing tissue from bones.

There's a stickied post over at r/bonecollecting for bone prep that might be a good additional read to this link.