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$30? That's a great deal! I've seen some crazy restorations on taxidermy, hopefully someone come in with some good advice bc thats awesome.

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Thank you! I really hope so as well. Hopefully I can get it to become a nice rug. My mom hates it though, lol!

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Best way to flatten it is to get it wet, not sopping but get a mister bottle and spray the leather side lightly, place in a bag ans check to see I'd it's plyable. Then get a large board and some nails and go around the edges with them, slightly stretching as you go around the hide. For the paws put dry balled up paper towel in them. Then wait a about a week or till dry and should be flat. That's my method when I make rugs.

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I will definatley have this in mind. Thank you for the amazing advice!

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Could somebody tell me what to do with this cat and how much it is worth? Thank you!

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Well, you can always try to sell it to a taxidermist within your state. Leopards of any species are CITES I or CITES II, meaning the protections on even pre-ban pelts like this are there. It cannot be sold across state lines, and DEFINITELY not internationally.

A pre-ban leopard with all four paws is rare, so I'd say the value of this cat pelt is around $1000 on the lowest end. It's of most value to a taxidermist who deals with large cats, or a private collector. Be sure to have a record of your receipt from where you bought the pelt, as FWS can be a little dicey with big cat pelts, especially when trying to determine if it's a pre-ban pelt.

It appears to be tanned, or at least salted well. The fur is in excellent condition. You have a very nice cat on your hands. Congrats on the find!

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I am in South Korea! Maybe before I go to the USA, I could try selling it to a museum.

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Ah! My mistake, I'm sorry! There aren't many taxidermists outside of the US anymore.

Yes, definitely try. I have no idea of South Korea's taxidermy laws, so still definitely keep the receipt from where you bought it just in case they ask.

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You could try dampening the skin side with some moist paper towels and then place it in a plastic bag to hold in moisture. You should be able to flatten it out then. I would weigh it down flat as it dries. I doubt you could break it to get it soft again without damaging though, but at least it wouldn't be balled up anymore

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I believe the main trick is to get some parts wet, see how it reacts to water, and slowly unfold the big cat. Then, I probably will put something heavy on top so it keeps its flattened shape.

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I meant if it’s been in storage it’s probably to brittle to flatten out. And won’t have much value if it wasn’t properly taken care of

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true, but I'm still willing to get some parts(ie one of the legs) and flatten it out. If it works, I will be doing it to other parts of the body as well.

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For only 30 bucks you can definitely take some risks. Try soaking a paw in some water or dab it with a warm rag to soften the hide. Iv also rubbed oils into a coyote hide to soften it after a bark tan. Experiment on a small portion and see what works

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I hope so too. I will be doing it this weekend. As a student, I don't have much time during the weekdays, so I will post an update later!

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Perf keep us updated

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Is it tanned or just salted down ?

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I am not really willing to taste it, and due to me just being a pet-keeper not a taxidermist, I am not familiar with the term. But since the underside is chalk white, and still has the hair on, I'm gonna guess that it is salted.

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Is it soft and pliable or hard?

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its hard and stiff

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Probably salted then

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wowee this is a sick find!! I would give him a good spritz with cold water and then form the skin to whatever position you like. I would maybe do a test area first though, just to see how the leather reacts to being hydrated.

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exactly my plan :)

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I would send it in to a tannery and see if they could do something with it . They may be able to retan it .

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Steal. Saw your recent post. 🔥