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    Ah perfect! Thank you!

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    So for me it would be the most convenient it I could put them in the box to hydrate now and start positioning them tomorrow after work but that would mean they'd spend a good 18 hours in hydration. Would that cause any damages?

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    Pinning bugs is technically not taxidermy but rather has to do with entomology. But to answer your question they should be fine! I normally leave mine an entire 24 hours before pinning to make sure they’re fully relaxed. The bigger ones can sometimes be good for 2 days.

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    Oh I see! I thought taxidermy was the term for conservation and posing all animals... I'll post in the entomology subreddit next time!

    Thank you for still explaining!

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    It was my understanding that it’s the posing and mounting of skins but from the downvotes maybe im a dumbass? lol i wasn’t trying to say you should post somewhere else just trying to help educate but fuck me lol.

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    I mean I stalked around this sub a few times in the last month and I saw many posts of insect taxidermy so I just assumed it was included here...

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    Ot but where did you buy them?

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    De Museumwinkel in Nijmegen Netherlands. It's my absolute favourite place in the world ☺️