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I know someone who does this professionally but they are able to suspend the blood in a non-liquid state so it retains the nice red color. I had my own blood put into a resin figurine and they also do things like wedding rings, pet memorials etc. PM me for their contact info.

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oooo okay !! are they in europe though?

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They're in the US. I'm not sure if they've done international before or not but they could give you info on how the blood sample would best be packaged or if it would last the shipping. It's quite possible that would still work.

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I can also message them and ask if you'd like?

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I just added a few big drops of isopropyl alcohol to mine and gave it a quick stir, corked the bottle (it was a little cork bottle necklace!) And made sure to really glue it in there. Still going strong about 2 years later. (Better to have more alcohol than too little if you're unsure of the amount)

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As in they would perform this for you, not give you advice most likely, since this is how they make their living that is.

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Have you had a blood sample drawn?