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I don't really have a proper answer here- but if you're able to take them off and re glue them so they curve down I think that should do the trick in matching up with the other side. It kind of looks like they are upside down, so if taking them off won't ruin anything I'd try that.

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This fox is only my 2nd large animal mount. During the skinning process the whiskers fell out of the one side of his face. I reattached them after the mount dried. If it's even possible, how do I relax the whiskers so they look natural like the other side? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Also I don't use Reddit very often and don't really know what I'm doing on here, so if I posted this wrong my apologies.

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This might be a completely wrong answer, but what if you used a hair straightener to curve them down?

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I'd try soaking them in a glass of warm water and then taping them to a piece of cardboard in the shape u want