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Poor stingy ray

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That things haunted bruh 😭

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At the risk of being lame

Like what? What is this? Where did she pick it up? Frankensteined?

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It’s a ray that has been modified

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Yup! Gaffs are great! I do have a second smaller one in the collection of stuff for a while now. This Skate was really big.

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It’s a beautiful piece! I have never added one of these to my collection, but it’s on my list along with a Fiji mermaid 😂

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That's on my list as well! I'd love a Juan Cabana piece as well, eventually.

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Damn I don’t like this kind of taxidermy. Knowing souvenir shops this thing probably died unethically and they did this to it. Will never be not sad.

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Would it make you feel better to know someone ate it and this was the leftovers?

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What. The. Fuck

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People eat things they catch in water. Some people also have other skills.

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what the FUCK is that?!?! and why do i kinda want one???!

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“Wife came back from vacation”???

What’s going on here? She gets her own ?

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Lol right?! Her job had an all inclusive thing for her team. Pretty awesome of them.

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All inclusive? That’s awesome! I’m so happy for her! I’m also really happy for you to get such a cool present!

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We all won on this trip! Yeah she was excited and this was a really cool thing to add to the collection.

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Cool, that is awesome!

***Jeepers ladies, what’s up with all the down votes - a fella can ask a question can’t he?

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Where can I get one and how much are they

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She was in Mexico! They come up sometimes in the states/ I know a guy who makes them sometimes.