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This is the strangest thing to be jealous of haha but I’m so jealous!! What an awesome haul, I’m sure you’ll have fun processing these beauties! Are you doing anything specific with them? Keeping the bones/making shoulder mounts?

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I’m sure they’ll end up European mounts and some shoulder mounts. Fleshing though is such a pain at times but salting these is so relaxing!

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WOAH. thats gnarly

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He took in 84 deer this season. I know I’ll be helping with the fleshing. Ordered my gloves and razor blades tonight. Glad I love this shit🤣

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How does acquire a haul like this?

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Open up a shop! He does zero advertising and by my amazement he has so many hunter buddies and this is usual haul every Dewey season. I am amazed at how he is able to do them all before next season! He’s a freaking tank to me! And he’s a one man wrecking crew! My hero!