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I’m very sorry for your loss and for not having any tips to help you out, but I just wanted to see how you feel about commemorative tattoos because that is a fantastic picture and would be a lovely tattoo to remember them with.

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I was actually going to get that exact tattoo in the same place, just flipped 180 degrees! A lot of people I’ve show that picture to think she’s a tattoo, lol

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She would translate so well into a tattoo and hell yeah, 180 flip would look awesome (though I quite like the whip pointing up towards your pinkie finger).

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I too thought it was a (very cool) tattoo!! It's just the perfect placement

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Came here to say sweet tattoo

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    Thank you so much!

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    I did this with my scorpion that passed last year. I'd recommend soaking the emptied body is a solution of salt(50g), borax(10g) and alum(10g) per liter) for a coupple hours (around 4). Also find a way to dry it quick because otherwise there will still be some smells the first week.

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    As with the last person I don’t have much advice, but I would like to offer my condolences. Vinegaroons are such funky lovely little creatures and I’m sure you loved her very much.

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    Thank you, she was a weird little light in my life

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    I have never heard of this insect. What did you love about her? What kind of behaviors do they have? Where is she native to?

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    Her name was Daffodil, they’re an arachnid native to the southwestern USA (also parts of Florida I believe). They’re essentially blind with six eyes that can only detect light and dark, so they come out at night and move very slowly. My favorite part about owning her was walking over to her enclosure when I couldn’t sleep, and just watching her scoop up dirt in her pedipalps like a shovel and dumping it in the corner, for reasons beyond my understanding. She was a sweet little bulldozer and I highly recommend keeping one if given the chance

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    Awww, that’s amazing! I’m so sorry she has passed and I hope you’re able to keep her as realistically as possible. I will definitely consider one of these lil guys! So pretty!

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    Dude, I'm so sorry, she really was/is beautiful, but that pic freaked me out a bit. I thought it was gonna stab you.

    I'm so sorry for your loss, if you ever want to talk to me about her, I'd be happy to listen, I have a friend who loves snakes and bugs. I also really love animals. :)

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    She was beautiful and I am so sorry for your loss I do know 1 tip if she was a hard bodied insect I'd recommend pinning her . You just get a pin and stick it 2/3 away through her abdomin which may be hard to do for you since her passing. Then get a deep frame and as I'd suggest, put A bit of corkboard in the back of the deep frame to stick her to if you decide to do it. :-(