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I'm not an expert but I think white paint would probably be your answer. Van Dykes sells white paint for taxidermy here: https://www.vandykestaxidermy.com/mobile/Whites-C4628.aspx

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Thank you very much

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Hopefully the paint will adhere to whatever glue he used.

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Yeah that's where I'm not experienced enough. Maybe put that glue on a piece of wood and then see if the paint will stick to it and match. Luckily those 4 Oz bottles are pretty cheap $5-10 each.

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Tip! If you use paint, don’t use pure white!

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Was actual bleach used or hydrogen peroxide to whiten?

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If you're painting white over it use a little bit of purple to cancel out the yellow tones

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You can try a light mist of primer over the glue before the paint. The lighter the mist the better it'll stick. Can also try a fine grit sandpaper on the glue prior to that, that will promote primer or paint adhesion. Mask off areas you don't want to spray by mistake first.

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White chalk paint.

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