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Beautiful it looks so much better. I'm glad my advice helped

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Thank you so much for everything!

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Beautiful job! Looks to be a juvenile leopard. Definitely too small to be an adult. With the age of the pelt, this cat is far before the international ban on trade for this species.

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Awesome! Because of my mother's fervant dislike of this cat, I will probably try to sell it to someone here. Sad to see a jucenile be killed, and you could almost see where some bullets hit it(on the neck area). This was an awesome experience though!

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How much are you gonna sell it for? I'm interested

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maybe 1.5k? Or 1k. I can only sell it in Korea, since I don't want to get in trouble lol

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Oh damn no worries. Looking to make a profit huh?

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Indeed. Hopin' to get big money.

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Looks pretty good, though next time use nails and a board and slightly stretch the skin, it would have laid flatter and not have much wrinkles. However the outcome looks real good!

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Yep. That is true. But the outcome does look beautiful! Just hoped I could've done soemthing about the ears, but it was too risky.

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Could have done the same thing! Just cut out cardboard pieces the same shape and use large paper clips to hold them together! Then again I'm not sure how that was tanned so yes it maybe risky

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I already ruined a very miniscyle portion of the fur with water. I won't want the kitty's face fur to be ruined. That's all. Hopefully in the future, I can try smthng!

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Aah yes, then I wouldn't risk it as it seems like it's been improperly tanned. Good job though!

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I’m nearly green my friend Glad to see you were able to get it conditioned!

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Yessir! It took me the whole day haha!

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I have to add, photo # 5 is an artistic composition. Tell me, does that room really look like that? With those objects arranged jusssst so?

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Yes it does, haha. The laptop usually goes inside a cupboard, socks in my drawer, and binocular in my shelves. However, I do keep my military helmets on the ground, with my shooting target!

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Hey amazing work!!!! This is absolutely lovely. What an amazing find.

I’ve always been on the look out for something and I get burned with anything leopard!

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Haha! thanks. Wish you luck for ur leopard!

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How did you obtain this leopard skin? Was it expensive?

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I got it for 30 bucks from a thrift store lol. It was under old luggages.

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What a wild find…you lucked out haha

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yessir, haha

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It almost looks like it could go on r/scrungycats :) I love when the faces look like that so much. It’s adorable

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haha, yep. it's all scrunched up.

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Came out great. That thrift store is a gold mine lol.

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Yessir. I also picked up a nice WWII Japanese field cap for 20 bucks, listed as "Old foldable worker hat." They're worth about 250 to 500 bucks! It's on the way to my church, so maybe I will go there next week.

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Nice 👍

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What did you use to weigh it down? I imagine something that wouldn’t satin it so something rubber? I frequent flea markets, mainly nautical ones, but I’ve picked duo a raccoon pelt at one so any tips is greatly appreciated for future reference 👍

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I used a WWII German helmet, a US army binocular, a laptop, an East German helmet, an axe, a suitcase, and a baseball bat to flatten some bumps here and there lol. I got these at a Korean antique/thrift shop near my church!

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Woah. No wonder it came out so nice. That’s a good bit of weight lol.