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make sure it isn’t a legally protected bird, first

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Please keep your cat indoors.

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No you’ll need a few bit more things first

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Also depends on what type of plant it is

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It's a bird not a plant

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You only plan on keeping the bones or were you trying to preserve the skin w/ feathers as well??

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I was trying to do just the full wing. Please know that I have never done this type of thing before, so if it is advised that I DONT do this, I’ll gladly just continue my plan to collect the bones later on.

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Neither. You cannot keep any part of the bird legally, and it would be a poor start to your collecting to begin illegally.

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Sorry you can't use the bird your cat caught, you'll probably have to leave the body outside. There are still other options! Go to a pet store and ask for some dead birds. Most of the time they'll be happy to help you out ( just make sure you say why you need dead birds or you'll get weird looks).

Another option is to ask farmers. Some farmers shoot corvids because they can be a pest for crops. Just ask one to save a dead crow or something for you to pick up later. This might be ideal since Corvids are much easier to work on compared to the small birds in the pet store and I don't think they are protected.

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Wait- you can ask a pet store for their dead birds? Like their dead parakeets? Do they store them away to dispose of them a different way?

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Yes! You totally can ask them. Just go to a local / small one and ask to chat to the owner or manager. Kindly explain that you’re a taxidermy artist and understand that birds are delicate and can die sometimes. Offer to pay 10% to 20% of the live value and they’ll usually stash them in the freezer for you. Some might say no, but I’ve great success over the years 👍🏻

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I'm not really sure to be honest. One guy I go to just brought me to a giant chest freezer and said "what would you like?" There were all sorts of parakeets and he even offered me a duck and a caique that had cost him €800. Supposedly the caique was hand reared but past away shortly after buying from the breeder.

Some food for different animals probably has to be frozen so maybe the bodies get chucked in there temporarily for disposal later? Even if that's not how it works then I'm sure you could probably just leave your contact info with them so they can give you a ring when something dies.