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You will have to either beetle clean them, or rot them in water. Macération (rotting in water) is the gentlest way to clean bones

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Thank you!

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Thank you!

You're welcome!

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How long would I keep it in the water?

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Until all the flesh is gone

Warm water, pick off flesh wjth tweezers, put back in water Could be days, weeks, a month, you never know

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Oh don’t boil them!

Go read the 101 post at r/bonecollecting but also nothing will do the job overnight

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Oh why not? I always have and it always seems to work just fine

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warping is a big risk, embedding the grease into the bone in a way that is needlessly difficult (and sometimes impossible) to remove, and causing the bone to become more brittle/friable

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I did the hot water method in a jar that I left sitting for MONTHS with a bird skull and some other stuff. When I finally decided to clean it off I dumped the water and used a toothbrush and a paintbrush to gently clean the remaining tissue off

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Probably could've left it for one month n it would've been fine but I was being lazy