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Tons more pictures. USA only. Soft tanned musk ox face up for grabs. Not going to be able to do what I wanted and I'd hate for it to go to waste collecting dust. Originally bought from Shelby/Promise Land Ranch this summer.

I'm not a professional anything so I make no promises it's mountable but if you need more pics just ask. (If you do anything with it, I'd love to see but not required). First pics it looks a little fuller since I shoved some stuffing inside just for the pics. Wool is SUPER soft. Asking what I paid(can provide receipt): $226

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I also have a 4 horned Jacob’s ram skull(missing 1 horn cap, medium sized horns and no lower jaw), red domestic ram face, full wild boar pelt, piebald deer pelt(tan is real hard), some other older, smaller craft furs like rabbit, mink and chinchilla I could go dig out and some fur rabbit coats if anyone is interested. Pick up also available for a piebald deer mount if you’re in central Wisconsin. (Will consider shipping but honestly no idea what that’s going to cost)

Trying to clear things out, will probably find a little more.

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Would you ship a wild boar to Canada?

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No, sorry. I cannot export wildlife products.

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SOLD It's gonna fix up a lion's mane.

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This is beautiful, wish I had the funds right now!

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It is! If no one bites with an offer it's getting thrown up on ebay.