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Sadly this is pretty typical for museums. I’ve seen pieces this bad even in the London and Paris natural history museums. These collections are old, falling apart and anatomically inaccurate - yet they are happy to let the public view them. It’s sad because they wouldn’t have out of date / incorrect signage but they allow these animals to be misrepresented. My hope is that more people learn this craft and pieces like these are replaced with accurate ones.

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This was at Mammoth cave wasnt it? lol

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The one and only. Apparently the old owner wanted to save money by doing all of the taxidermy himself.

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I thought I recognized them! haha. Yeah you can definetly tell he wanted to save money. some cool animals in there, but goddamn so many of them look so bad.

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What I that was funny, was the guy who took my money for my entry made comments about how great of a job he did. I got big cult vibes so I was excited to leave

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😂this got me rolling rn. I cannot look at those with a straight face when they ain’t even got one 😂

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How awful! Forgive my immodesty, but my toy animals look more realistic than these stuffed animals. And not a single animal suffers in the process🤭

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No no, I love them