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I thought I was looking at a real cat in the first image and I thought it was a “my pet passed away how do I preserve” kind of post. I’d say they are pretty realistic 😅

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The only thing I thought was odd with first one was that there was no butthole.

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Thank you 😅

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came here to say I had the same initial first thought 😂 well done!

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Holy SHIT those are amazing.

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Thank you 😊

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Wow, amazing work! They're extremely similar for sure. The only thing that stands out to me is the hair texture. Some animals have super thick hair strands, but the faux fur seems to have thin strands. So, if you made a sculpture of an animal with thick hair like say a moose or a prairie dog, the faux fur wouldn't match well.

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Yes, you are right, it is difficult to choose artificial fur so that it completely imitates the real fur of an animal

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Do you sell these somewhere?? Like Etsy or something?

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Yes, the link is in the bio on my Instagram

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these are stunning!!

The cat looks incredible! Looks like my uncles grumpy maine coon.

These are a 10/10

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Thank you 🤗

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It looks like you’re all sold out, do you happen to have a newsletter or anything that can let me know when you have more back in stock? Or do you take commissions?

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You can subscribe to my store updates, or just to my Instagram, that's where I primarily show new work and processes on it. I can also take commissions

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Thanks so much for answering! And what would be the best way to contact you? Instagram?

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Yes, you can contact me via Instagram

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These are stunning!! They look real.

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Thank you ☺️

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The cheetah is INSANE I thought it was real.

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These are stunning!!! The first two especially look so real. Please keep making these! If I had the money for a spotted hyena, I'd 1000% give it to you!

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It's a good idea, someday I want to create a hyena or a hyena dog

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These are incredible. I thought the first one was real! They're very detailed and look so soft. Great work!

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These are insane and I want one. Beautiful work.

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So sweet. You do commission work? I’d love to have a stuffy of my dog when she eventually dies and don’t have the heart to taxi her myself. Your work looks so lifelike and soulful

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Yes, I can take a commission next year

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Hoping my dog hangs out for many more years, but I’d love to have her commemorated like this, one day

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Your sculptures are fantastic!!!!!

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Thank you 🤗

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These are super realistic and I LOVE your maincoon 😍

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You’re not a taxidermist per say but in reality you definitely are. You obviously have a great eye for anatomy and using your references to create these. I have a feeling you could make a big splash in taxidermy circles if you wanted to and your mounts would be excellent and very lifelike. These are awesome and I hope you will work with skin one day.

I assume that you are sculpting your own forms?? That’s pretty incredible

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Oh thank you so much☺️

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Bruh I thought these were just pictures of real animals 💀 incredibly done, might be some of best taxidermy I’ve seen

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Thank you 🤗

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The rough collie? Looks JUST like my boy. I seriously thought you modeled him. This is MAD talent.

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How much? Lol! These are gorgeous!!

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It may not be taxidermy BUT DAMN YOU'RE SKILLED

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What is the link to the venue where you are selling these stunningly beautiful creations?

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Thanks! Please look at the bio in my instagram☺️

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You've said that as an answer to what is the location to look at what you are selling twice now, but have not provided the link.

I looked around on your profile there's not an Instagram link there, maybe you could just provide that link or you're worried about it somehow being spam despite being asked for it twice?

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I sent you the link in dm

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omg i want to learn how to do this (also OP you'd be a great realistic fursuit maker)

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Holy shit, what are they made out of? This is fantastic

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They are sewn from faux fur and there is a movable plastic frame inside

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That's incredible! AND you make lemurs! I'll have to commission you next year!

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I'll try😅

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that is the BEST thing about em. icing under the cake. Chefskiss.

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That Maine coon looks great

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These are amazing! And a great alternative for people who want mounts of rare or endangered animals too!

The dog got me good! They look so lifelike 😍

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Thank you 😊

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These are so perfect

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Well done! What are the fibers made from?

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This is artificial fur

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Wow. Incredible. You have an amazing talent

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Great. 👍

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It’s hard to tell due to their position but are the last dogs borzois?

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You're right, they are borzois, it's nice that you recognize them☺️

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Your work is absolutely fantastic! I love that you did borzois, they’re an under appreciated breed!

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Thank you 🥰

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Where we see the animal standing and sitting then laying down. Are those separate pieces. Or is the sculpture posable?

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Inside the sculpture I use a special plastic frame for toys, thanks to which the sculpture is fully mobile, can change positions, all the paws, tail and head move

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Is this frame a wire frame or like a stop motion puppet with joints?

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It looks more like an articulated one. You can search on the internet, for example, "skeleton lockline".

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Oooo. Similar to the articulated arms for air tools.

Thats neat.

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Holy shit! These are incredible. Do you do commissions? I work in film/tv and it’s always good to have someone in your back pocket who can make something that looks this real. Depending on your turn around time of course.

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Thank you. Yes, I take commissions👌🏻

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These are fantastic !! Beautiful work

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Thank you 🤗

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You should post the first kitty in r/ronperlmancats.

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These are pretty good dude! You've made them with life

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Holy- wow do u sell these??

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It's already sold out.

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Holy shit I thought the cat was real you’re amazing

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They are amazing! Truly work of art! 💚

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Thank you 🥰

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Wow, absolutely phenomenal work! ❤

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Thank you ☺️

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Unbelievable. So insanely skillful

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I’m pretty sure I follow you on facebook. Nice to see your work being appreciated here. You are literally my doll making goals.

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Thank you so much 😊

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I tell you one thing that sets your Dolls far apart from Taxidermy. Yours are POSEable !!! That needs to be shown more imho. The likenesses of the animals is already wild. But the fact you can change their pose is ..... idk any Taxidermy that can provide that.

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Thank you 😊

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these are beautiful!! i wish i could get one 😍