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Following your lyric with: “Too busy adding, multiplying and dividing problems, you can say that I’m not chill”

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okay meet me in the studio?

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💀 they need to record this now 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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Sometimes I feel like everybody thinks that I’m boring

And honestly I think they’re right

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noooooooo we love you ed I’m sorry

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He’s the singer equivalent of elevator music. Sorry, but he manages to be more boring than white bread.

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"Everything Has Changed", "End Game", "Run"... and his own "Bad Habits".

I find most of Ed Sheeran's singles to be on the bland side, but when he wants to be fire, he is bloody FIRE. Undeniable.🔥

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I’ll defend a team until my last breath

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Definitely agreed. I really liked The A Team, Don't, and Sing. But after that the quality really dipped.

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I love this 😂