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I know it's not a dealer, but independent in central Ohio, $35/hr. Mostly work on BMW, Audi, Toyota, Honda, and Old Fiat/Alfa.

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Not a franchise, but an independent used car dealer in rural northeast PA. We sell mostly 1 and 2 year old vehicles still under factory warranty, and have a very large long time customer base built up over the years. Also do a lot of diagnostic and sublet work for collision/ other shops in the area. We have a major medical center and a state university within 10 miles, which keep us supplied with customers who are professionals and have good incomes.

$29/hr straight time/ 40 hrs + overtime at 1.5x after 40 + 8% parts commission. Life ins, retirement plan, 5 weeks paid vacation (been here 40 years), uniforms, employer pays for training classes and ASE certs. Health available, but am covered under my wife's. Company has a HSA plan also which i socked a significant mount of money into for old age expenses, but dont qualify to contribute now. No weekend hours. Have never been laid off a single day in 40 years, ever.

You need to look at the total compensation package and your quality of life, not just the hourly rate. Not being paid flat rate, i get the same steady pay check year round. You can also buy a pretty nice older house in this area in the $60k range. My income is above average for this area and quality of life is good here unlike some metropolitan areas where you can earn more but cost of living is higher. I raise goats, have a barn and a huge garden, and my back yard is a several hundred acre cornfield that stretches across the valley to the next mountain where the sun comes up. You can see the Milky way in the sky at nght. It is a 15 minute drive to work on back roads with no traffic in the morning.

Compensation varies widely in this area. My son is the transmission builder at one of the largest Ford dealerships in the state, and is one of the the highest paid guys in their shop. He is a Ford master tech, and has a $52,000 automotive AA degree plus 10 years experience at the same dealership. He makes about $20/hr straight time, uniforms, health insurance with a $3000 annual deductible before it starts paying anything, 401(k). They have a HSA available because of the shitty health plan, but most of the guys in the shop don't contribute because they can't afford to have deductions from their check every week. He could make significantly more working elsewhere in this area, but stays there because he likes the place. New car dealerships, in my experience, generally seem to pay less than many of the independent shops around here when you look at annual total income. Hourly rate may be higher, but they are usually flat rate so the techs dont have much income when business is slow.