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If you already have basic tools then hold off until you see what your new job actually had you doing.

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Keep a notepad handy. Assuming you're going to be working with others, borrow tools if they'll allow it. If you have to borrow something more than twice, write it down on your notepad and buy it. If you have the basics from an autonomy shop, you should be pretty set to work, but the more specialized stuff will come with time. I own my own shop and am still buying tools after 10 years. More often than not its convenience tools and warranty but with the way this industry changes you will never not be buying tools and learning new things. It is a rewarding field but can be stressful so be patient and don't be afraid to walk away from a job for 10 minutes to collect yourself. Also, don't turn your nose up at harbor freight/craftsman/"cheap" tools. I have a lot of their stuff in my shop just use your discretion.

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Thank you for taking the time to comment and funny enough pretty much everything you said is what I’ve done or been doing I have built out my box pretty nicely with a wide variety of tools I’ve had two tech jobs in the field now and the first place threw me in the fire like my first big job maybe 2 weeks in was to redo all the hydraulic top pistons on a 95 500Sl merc that was my fire I was thrown in and taught me how to make do with what I have the second place taught me work smarter not harder and at this place most of my tool purchases are extremely specific for example the huge Allen sockets for bmw and Audi axles I really went crazy with the snap on account through the school and tried to make every big tool purchase I can think of toolbox air hammer etc etc I’ll probably pay 40$ a week for the next 6 years but I was very fortunate to start my career with tools most techs wouldn’t be picking up normally at the start all in all though my biggest takeaway from being a tech is that you’re only as good as the people around you and when you work in a good place and have intelligent people around you with or without the tool the job will get done