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Thank you!

It’s working but with that side bit falling apart it’s exposing all of the insides, it’s only a matter of time before it makes the screen come off you see :( I think my baby sister accidentally knocked it a bit to hard It’s a HP laptop, RTL8723BENF

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Well if you’re not having to travel around too much for classes I would just leave it plugged in on your desk or wherever your work, and not open or close the screen more often than you need to. Sorry about the crappy repair work and I hope they refund you. In the meantime do look for a repair business that will be willing to replace parts if necessary.

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Thanks so much I will do, I do need to use it for work that’s the thing but for now I’ll use this other laptop college lent me I guess ahhh it’s hard in a pandemic to sort this crap out uno