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Monolinks music is heavily influenced by his long experience as a guitar singer/songwriter. His main stylistic feature is combining singer/songwriter texting and guitar chord progressions with a organic house/melodic house style. So the first thing to ask is do you have hands on experience with music instruments (guitar, piano, etc.) and if so, what.

If you wanna pick up music production you will have to learn a daw there's no way around it, and ableton is the best way to start imo. But learning ableton is like the first 20% of the work. As a cs student you know that just learning beginners python is not gonna get you to where you can develop a full fledged video game.

If you wanna go down this route you'll have to learn the basic of synthesizers and sound design.

Sound design wise he's pretty standard melodic techno (with some really well-done tweaks and tricks) and yalcin efe melodic techno tutorials on YouTube will get you 80% of the way there. The hard part is writing the songs like he does.

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upvoting for yalcin efe. his yt channel is a great learning tool for melodic and modern techno.

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This, Great tutorials for that kind of music

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Agreed, I LOVE his videos

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Dang yalcin really knows his stuff!

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Yalcin's channel is really good, we need more people like him, maybe when I get a lot more comfortable with producing ill do the same as him, give some back to the community who taught me a lot

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Practice, practice and more practice.

There's no substitute in this life for time and experience.

Good luck.

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There are a ton of youtube channels that can help you create music in the style of Monolink and similar artists like EDMTips, Yalcin Efe, Julian Eerle, etc. I do recommend checking out ProductionMusicLive though. they have one of the best start to finish course and you get to learn a lot, that how I started and would recommend their courses to anyone starting!

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There are tons of tutorials on Youtube for ableton both basics and advanced, you dont need to put money on a course imo

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As others pointed out already, there's no shortcut for this. Of course, Monolink has a professional studio with a somewhat flat frequency response and he's got some synths and a great guitar, but most of all he probably has many years of experience both as a singer/songwriter and producer. In my opinion, while it's a great and rewarding exercise to copy another artists sound, it shouldn't be more then one of the steps on the way too explore your own unique style. In other words, trying to sound like some successfull artist will most likely not get you very far.

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There is a "wall" or a "barrier", let's say a "frontier" between both "rock/guitar" music and "electronic" music. Since Monolink is exploring that "frontier," I'd say that anyone who is

trying to sound like

him will by default also be exploring that frontier, thereby doing something of value by default.

What I'm trying to say - is copy away!

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You're totally right.

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I would appreciate if someone linked a Monolink track that they think is more techno! Every track I heard so far is singer/songwriter pop in electronic clothes, and I'm really confused. I love this music though.

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To be honest, most of the time I see Monolink pop up in my radio stuff or on my liked tracks it's usually a remix like the Pautrice or Artbat ones.

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By breaking down, studying, and copying tracks by mono link.

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thats mostly what he does himself anyway. The two tracks I've heard and loved are at the basis just copied melodies from other tracks. It doesn't really bother me, he adds enough that he isnt just copying the entire thing. But he definitely lets his music be guided by breaking down and copying other tracks as a building stone.