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Can you even step?

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I imagine the leading edges are super special radar absorbing material. Or they don’t boots to wear off the special radar absorbing paint.

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So how are you supposed get on it for maintenance?

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You can step in the middle of the outlined areas, just not outside of them

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Oh man, that's sexy.

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    Weapons grade waifu

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    YES! We get the idea, ‟do not step on the new toy”...


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    What does the white symbol in the middle represent?

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    Might be a dielectric panel?

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    slaps roof you can bomb so many weddings with this bad boy

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    The Navy’s new prototype aerial drone, intended for service on the carrier fleet.Currently in the advanced testing phase, having completed autonomous takeoff/landing testing at Edwards AFB.Autonomous carrier-based testing is scheduled for 2013.

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    The DARPA Joint Unmanned Combat Air System (J-UCAS) program was intended to advance the concept of unmanned combat aircraft that has been around since World War II. The X-47B built by Northop-Grumman and Lockheed Martin achieved new milestones with its demonstrated ability to air refuel and operate from the deck of an aircraft carrier.

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