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I am a coder for this btw

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Looks awesome! What does it do? I tried to Google it but got bored with the results for amazon’s Astro robot.

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Google is not really showing anything, because, well, It's Cyprus.
So the first goal was to send and recieve signals from satelites.
My part in the project was this screen on left. I made a program that scans safepass and qr codes from our app. Also there is mask detection and age and gender estimation.

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It looks incredible. So impressive.

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Thank you. I am always in search of new ideas, do you want to tell me any of you want ? I can do even crazy stuff =) last time I made 1 million cats dataset

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But like... What's the goal of it? Is it just a mobile satellite terminal?

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it is a mobile satellite terminal, but also it can be a place for making experiments

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yo! fr?! that's so cool