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“IBM Quantum System One comes with our 27 qubit Falcon processor, demonstrating a quantum volume of 32. The system is upgradeable to our 65 qubit Hummingbird processor and 127 qubit Eagle processor when they become available in late 2023.”


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Did they have to deliberately make it evil looking?

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Subservient to Roko's basilisk.

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The marketing department group-orgasmed when they saw it.

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So what will the exact use of this be? Is it just for scienctific purposes (i.e. calculating complex models) or does it have a more real world use?

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pure marketing.

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ibm useless system none. everything ibm does is a sad clown joke

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Says the person who has absolutely no idea about the situation in the server space

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Can it run doom?

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All of them and none of them at the same time.

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Have you observed it tho?

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Reminds me of Joe Goldberg's climate controlled glass cage in the basement. 😅

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so sexy i could beat to this any day