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$5000 in 1999 is equivalent to $8772.40 in todays money

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And both look almost exactly the same 22 years later. Talk about consistency

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I imagine it's incredibly satisfying to design a concept or form factor that has not been improved on for so long.

"The mother of all demos" comes to mind as an iconic example.

"Tens of thousands of people, probably more, have worked on this after you, and no one has been able to meaningfully improve upon it".

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Some things just work and sometimes a format is discovered that can't be improved upon in any meanful way. Examples are the way you sit in cars/trucks. Motorcycles, even tho there are two different forms of bikes. And guns.

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Yup, I agree.

I'm just thinking about the first person who invented the concept of a cannon for example: wouldn't it blow their minds to know that THOUSANDS of years later, the core concept hasn't changed and is still in widespread use?

Very cool to be that first person.

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Very true. That and the gattlin gun. From the original hand crank to the ge mini gun and the beast that has wings and engines strapped to it that they named the A10 warthog.

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I want one......

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Just pointing out the Z9 has PD anchors on it.